RUSH 2The DEN is a unique place run by very dedicated DBS checked volunteers.

RUSH 2The DEN Building is Non profit Community venture housing 2 local charities:
RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults - 1172562
RUSH 2The DEN Youth Club - 1175976
Additional local community charities & beneficiaries usually also utilise the building for our local families & community

Tots & Adults: Usually a place open to all babies, tots & adults 9.15-2.45 daily where through play activities we believe in 'Inspiring young people to achieve' offering opportunities too gain, increase & develop skills. Knowledge, self-awareness & confidence to enabling them to make positive life choices through our extensive play sessions. Sessions usually include Messy Play, Stay N Play, Sensory Play, Crafty Fingers Soft Play, Interactive & Push Pull play. Hi-Tea & Little Chefs and Dad’s Stay N Play Sessions too.

Youth Club: Award winning unique youth club; The activities are varied and will meet the needs of all who wish to attend between 5 and 17 years old. Our sessions provide a learning opportunity through weekly themes including cooking, crafts, team games, music, canoeing, camping, life skills.
Given its 'inclusive policy' no young person will be denied access because of affordability. Sensitive arrangements will be put in place where and when necessary to enable our special events to be attended by all.
We run throughout the school holidays closing only for Christmas week and Bank Holidays.

​​A place where you are welcomed with a cuppa, juice & biscuit. where you can relax and enjoy your quality time with your little ones, build a support network & chat with friends.

Every day is different!

RUSH 2The DEN believes in 'Inspiring young people to achieve'. We exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, knowledge self awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices through our wide range of programs for children from birth to young adults of 17 years with an extensive program of baby & tots sessions during the school day and evening Youth Clubs through the week for different age groups.
​Latest News

Normal activities have temporarily closed due to COVID-19, however we have diversified as the 2 charities compiling fortnightly FREE activities and crafts packs for nearly 600 of our local children and young people to assist their mental health and wellbeing, hand delivered to ensure continuity of support in the community and safety for the recipients.

The building is also utilised as a temporary food bank, collating donations of surplus food from our local supermarkets and other UK companies to donate to our local community.

In addition to the food donations we have extended our free service of Swap Shop facilitating parents helping parents as a hub for babies, children's and young people's clothing, books, equipment and toys opened when the food donations are available.

As lockdown lifts and our New National Normal emerges we are looking to restart outside activities for young people Socially Distance Compliant with outside park games and country side walks giving the opportunity of routine, sociability with sessions / days for each age range we usually cover between the youth club and Tots & Adults. During these daily SDC activities we wish to provide packed lunch options free of charge to our youngsters attending to assist the families and ensure a balanced nutritious daily availability to assist with a positive diet until their schools (Youth Club) or Our Sessions (Tots) can resume, hopefully in September

RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults is a CIO charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1172562.​​​

RUSH 2THE DEN YOUTH CLUB is a charity with the Registered Charity Number 1175976.​​

Food Donations & Swap Shop

MASSIVE Thank you to Morrisons, ASDA, Waitrose, C
osta, Northants First Responders and all the kind people who have kindly donated food items for our families....

​Bakery, fruit, veg, food cupboard items, biscuits and a few treats too

​These can be collected free from RUSH 2The DEN in Fitzwilliam Street Rushden.

​Open to all who need.
​Please collect what you realistically can use x

​We will post on our Facebook page when we will be open Typically we will be open 9am-11am on days we have donations available. 

​​Our Swap Shop is also available during this time x

​​ Please remember only 1 person per household (no children unless absolutely necessary) and please may we remind you to observe social distancing to ensure that we can continue to support our community.

​​If a queue occurs please queue down the alley from Duck Street carpark leaving 2 meters space between each other. We would then use the side entrance for exit down towards duck street to avoid infringing on social distancing measures

Please keep a close eye on our facebook page as this is being regularly updated with very kind donations from our local supermarkets

We are very proud to announce that RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults are Co-op Rushden & Higham Charity Partners for the year 2020 
Craft & Activities Packs

We are compiling Craft & Activities packs together to keep our local children and young people.

​To save costs and reduce the work load for our fabulous posties we will be delivering out by hand on a fortnightly basis until we can resume our regular activities programme.

​ We are currently delivering to over 500 under 18's in our area, prioritising young people that have attended RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults (including Hi-Tea).

​​ If you would like a pack for your children, please PLEASE message / email with your address details and ages of children

Please keep a close eye on our facebook page for the next delivery information.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our very dedicated volunteers ​working tirelessly to compile & deliver these packs.

A very special thank you also goes to Karen from Grand Union Housing ​and Northampton Community Foundation who are very kindly sponsoring these packs.​​​​

During this very difficult time of disruption caused by COVID -19