15:17's Youth Club RUSH 2The DEN

15:17's Youth Club
If you would like to join the Youth Club, please fill in the registration form and bring it with you to the club.

15:17's young adults not only have Independence but also a Thursday Youth Club, 7pm - 9pm, tailored just for you!

Much more than a Youth Club, it’s an opportunity for you to catch up with your friends, chill out and try new activities!

A day canoeing or kayaking?


5-a-side football?​​

Fancy being active or creative?

​​Try lots of fun activities such as sports, arts & crafts, dance, creative writing and cookery.

Special projects & activities available too including, but not exclusive to, mechanics, kayaking, archery, business projects & camping trips.​​

CV's & Personal Statements advice available​​

Tuck Shop
RUSH 2The DEN offers a range of drinks and snacks during all Youth Club sessions from our Tuck Shop.
RUSH 2THE DEN Youth Club is a charity. Registered Charity Number 1175976.