About Us

​​Here at RUSH 2The DEN we have a fantastic story to share....

It’s not just about what we are doing now, but what we also plan to offer in the future. We believe every young person is unique. Each person has a genius just waiting to be discovered.

We also believe that we have a huge social responsibility to help each young person discover what they can become good at, to nurture them to achieve and to encourage them to take the risk and try something new. We do not believe that this is the exclusive job of schools, family or local authority.

RUSH 2The DEN believes in 'Inspiring young people to achieve'.

We are run by very dedicated volunteers, all DBS checked to provide the best possible opportunities for you and your children to enjoy our much loved facilities and activities.​​

​​We are split into 2 separate functioning bodies, each with their own bank accounts, constitutions and exec committees:  Youth Club and Tots & Adults. Both exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, knowledge, self awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices through our wide range of programs.

Tots & Adults run with an extensive programme of babies, tots & pre-school under 5's sessions during the school day and for children from birth to under 5 years

Tots & Adults is a place for parents and carers to come and enjoy their quality time with their little ones around their routine… We cater for all ages up to school entry level where babies, tots and young children enjoy a selection of activities available as a drop in basis. Open from 9.15am to 2.45pm for you to drop in at a time convenient for them

Push, Pull Play Toys to sit on, push and pull
Interactive play A unique session full of fun…
Self Weigh Baby Scales (am)
Swap Shop
Peer Support

Messy Play, because making a mess is the best!

Stay N Play & Play Babies. Every Wednesday Play Day is an adventure of toys and games
Self Weigh Baby Scales (pm)

Crafty Fingers Art may seem like fun and games - and it is!
Baby Massage / Baby Yoga (am)
Baby Sensory (pm)
Sling Library Monthly

Sensory Play, Soft music, sensory lighting & toys here for your little ones to explore.
Soft Play Relax with a cuppa & enjoy our Soft Play equipment to round off the week…
Sing & Sign (am)

​1st Saturday of each month – Dad’s Stay N Play

YOUTH CLUB support school aged children from 5 years to young adults of 17 years evening Youth Clubs through the week for different age groups and their families.

RUSH 2The DEN Youth club has been awarded the NAYC positive participation award 2015 and NAYC Presidents Cup 2016.

Our 5:7's youth club is Monday evenings 6-7pm., 8:10's on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm, Thursday evenings have a combined evening for 11:14's and 15:17's currently running 7-9pm. 15:17's will be changing to Monday evenings after Feb half term.

FREEDOM Youth Club (for which this application is predominantly requested although the other Youth clubs will also benefit from the equipment requested) is our SEN Youth Club for 5:17's held on Thursday afternoons 4.30pm-6.30pm.

Alongside these weekly Youth Clubs we run 2 monthly Youth Clubs Gender Specific on a Friday evening; GirlZone and BoyZonly. A regular "ALL Youth Club" monthly event too, such as canoeing, kayaking, camping, bike rides, disco's etc.

All youth clubs are £1 entry. We have an annual membership of £10 due on the 3rd evening of attending. We usually team new faces up with regular attendees so new faces get to know the layout and a friend or two straight away :-)

Youth club is a mix of specific themed activities, tuck and free time.

All of our adults are DBS checked and we request that the contact form is filled in on arrival of the first night.

RUSH 2The DEN Youth Club are affiliated with NAYC - Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs and NCKC - Northampton Canoe and Kayak Club.

We enjoy close links with Rushden Inline Skate, Little Art Works, Daisy First Aid and Rushden Prince's Trust.

RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults enjoy close links with Little Art Works, Daisy First Aid, Baby Massage @ Nurturing Hands, Music & Movement, The Sling Library and Rushden Prince's Trust.

We believe we can play a huge role with young people, but to do this we do need help and support.

We have set out a programme to change the lives and choices for young people in Rushden and the surrounding area. This is not a 100+ page detailed plan which will sit in some bottom drawer in someone’s desk. It’s a one pager, a workable programme that’s well thought out. It’s based on an existing winning model and already has the support of many of the right people and organisations our town and local area.

Our goal is to interact with young people, to offer them choices that they don’t currently have, to show them alternatives and to work with several other local groups and agencies to help improve their lives and their futures. ​​