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​If you would like to join the Youth Club, please ask your parents or guardians to fill in the registration form and bring it with you to club.

GirlZone is available for all year 6+ Female Youth Club Members aged 10 - 17 years as a girls only evening once a month.

We have had special relaxation techniques evenings run by a qualified guest therapist (DBS checked).

We have decoupaged trinket boxes, made friendship bracelets, home made chocolates and bath bombs.

We endeavour to provide the activities requested by the young ladies attending at the sessions, so please tell us what you would like to do :-)

Tuck Shop
RUSH 2The DEN offers a range of drinks and snacks during all Youth Club sessions from our Tuck Shop.
Finished Bath Bombs
Making Bath Bombs
Some we made earlier
Mmmm Chocolate!
Making hand made chocolates
Great Chocolate designs
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RUSH 2THE DEN Youth Club is a charity. Registered Charity Number 1175976.