11:14's Youth Club RUSH 2The DEN

11:14's Youth Club
If you would like to join the Youth Club, please ask your parents or guardians to fill in the registration form and bring it with you to club.

11:14's is a great place to hang out with your mates or try something completely new. ​The team want to encourage each young person to believe in themselves and to have high but realistic ambitions.

As 11:14's you can:

Enjoy creative crafts
Pamper evenings
Grafitti boards
Develop skills and knowledge which will help your GCSE's
   ​and employment.
Go on regular trips including canoeing & camping

We make good use of the spells of great weather to take the members outdoors with trips to local parks and attractions – in addition to usual club activities like cooking, arts and crafts, sports and games. The team build good relationships with the young people, either one-to-one or through group work. Getting feedback from them and helping them build on their feelings is something we work strongly towards, encouraging them to become great citizens of the community.

Come in on a Thursday 7pm - 9pm and see what's going on.
Tuck Shop
RUSH 2The DEN offers a range of drinks and snacks during all Youth Club sessions from our Tuck Shop. Parents discretion however for 11:14'ss we limit to £1.50p
RUSH 2THE DEN Youth Club is a charity. Registered Charity Number 1175976.