Meet the Team RUSH 2The DEN

Our volunteer teams are DBS checked with years of childcare and youth work experience, safeguarding and 1st Aid training.

Between us we have NNEB & Nursery Nursing Diplomas, Teaching, Paddle Sports such as Bell Boating Helm, Canoeing and Kayaking Coach, Archery and Shooting Instructor qualifications​​, youth group camping & expedition experience.

Links with 1st Aid training & DofE assessors

Tots & Adults Team
River   are Bear
​Meadow  Snibbz
 Daisy  Jewel  Robin Maple   Daffodil   ​​ Sunshine  Rainbow
Ramblers Team
Kite   Rusty   Lili
River   Pumbaa
​Youth Club Team
River   Vixen   Kite 
Shadow  Bubbles  Lily
Candyfloss    ​ Pebbles
​Youth Club Team
River    Robin
Rainbow   ​Sunshine
Wolf    Rose    Wheels 
Figure it Out
Youth Club ​Team
Kiki   Lake   
​River   Misty

​Youth Club Team
River   Pumbaa
Kiki   Dragonfly
​Youth Club Team
Kiki    River
Neons Team
15:17's IndepenDENce Team
Mango    Rusty