About Us RUSH 2The DEN

​​We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the parents who have given us permission to use photographs of their children and young adults enjoying RUSH 2The DEN facilities and sessions
Youth Club:
Our Young People play £1 attendance for their youth club sessions.
We enjoy annual sponsored events such as Stay-Awake, Waendel Walk Weekend, Bike Ride which assists in reducing the costs of the annual camp and other additional activities such as canoeing and kayaking etc.
We have fundraiser events for our Youth Club such as disco’s raffles, Round Table Santa Sleigh Route, Cake Stall at the Town Soap Box Derby. Bag packing since covid, is a fundraiser option that we are now missing that used to be really positive.
We are very fortunate to have an amazing retired person who donates £25 per month to youth club from his army pension.
The Lottery Fund, Grants 4 all have been amazing with 3 grants over the 10 years we have been running youth club. They have supported our camping equipment, helped with the funds to purchase our Minibus and then our trailer.
Northampton Community Foundation have supported RUSH 2The DEN Youth Club with smaller grants for Crafts, Craft packs during Covid, Activities and special events.
Northants Community Aid have supported our Challenge week away with our 11+ youth Club attendees for 3 years along with Local Businesses  who sponsor a young person to attend if they would not be able to attend for financial reasons.
Tots & Adults:
Tots entry fee is £2.50 per child for a drop in session, this can be reduced with the purchase of a pre-pay card. The pre-pay cards assist parents in reducing the cost, 5 card is £10 / 10 card is £15.

​Pre-pay cards have an additional hidden support functionality. ​​If we feel a child or parent would benefit from attending yet their financial hardships prevent regular attendance, we can give free pre-pay cards to these adults.
These ‘free’ pre-pay cards are paid for by donations from Co-op, Tesco or Asda from their customer ‘vote for’ token choices. We enable health visitors, midwives and social care providers the availability to give families some of these free pre-pay cards when referring to Tots & Adults.
Northampton Community Foundation are regular providers for  grants for either Messy Play or Crafty Fingers consumables, our higher cost consumable days.
We hire the hall at weekends for children’s parties, that assists with building maintenance.
Our rooms are hired for children’s supervised contacts, and other community groups, such as foster support meetings, training, budget cookery courses and a church group, who offer an open door policy for free Sunday lunch, etc. These room hires are used to subsidise the hourly rental of the charities keeping the costs as low as possible and not increasing the costs to families attending.
We have launched a fundraising campaign for the building with a GoFundMe page
​ ‘Onwards and Upwards - the quest for more room’.

​We are aiming to fundraise through additional events and sponsorships (of the volunteer teams) to raise money for the planning permission to increase our space availability by building an upstairs mezzanine to provide a 2nd smaller hall, dedicated family room, counselling room, much needed office space and additional facilities upstairs.

​​Our plans are big, our facility needs these extra rooms. We are already supporting our community with the required usage, moving furniture, and items on trolleys daily to support the requirements.

​These grand plans will facilitate an easier opportunity and provide even more options for our community.

About Us...
​​Here at RUSH 2The DEN we have a fantastic story to share....
It’s not just about what we are doing now, but what we also plan to offer in the future.

​​We believe every young person is unique, a genius just waiting to be discovered.
We have a huge social responsibility to help each young person discover what they can become good at, to nurture them to achieve and to encourage them to take the risk and try something new. We do not believe that this is the exclusive job of schools, family or local authority but a community.
RUSH 2The DEN believes in 'Inspiring young people to achieve'.
what RUSH 2The DEN is all about...
We are a lifeline, a hub and a much-needed local resource for our community​​​!
RUSH 2The DEN is a unique place run by very dedicated DBS checked volunteers. ALL of us volunteers... to provide the best possible opportunities for you and your children to enjoy our much-loved facilities and activities.​​. it’s the only way it can work to be affordable for the attendees and give our community its much-needed hub...
RUSH 2The DEN Building is Non-profit Community venture housing 2 local charities:
RUSH 2The DEN Tots & Adults - 1172562
RUSH 2The DEN Youth Club - 1175976​
​​We are split into 2 separate functioning bodies, each with their own bank accounts, constitutions and exec committees: Youth Club and Tots & Adults. Both exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, knowledge, self-awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices through our wide range of programs.
Sounds simple, however very hard work! We do all of the above plus... Confidant and counsellor to all that need an ear and support, post covid this has increased exponentially covering all aspects of family life, financial worries, mental health, safeguarding and all with a cuppa and a box of tissues to hand.​​