Snug Babies RUSH 2The DEN

Snug Babies

Enjoy your quality time with your little one at Baby Sensory in the Snug.

​​Non- Movers only.

​​1:1 Adult / Baby

RUSH 2THE DEN TOTS & ADULTS is a CIO charity. Registered Charity Number 1172562.
Enjoy your quality time with your little one at one of our fabulous Baby Sensory Play Sessions.

Open 9.15am and 2.45pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12.15pm-2.45pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.​

We provide multi sensory play experiences for non movers (under 1's) within our Snug at RUSH 2The DEN. ​​
​Our floor has colourful soft mat covering to give safe nonslip surface for your little one to learn to turn and crawl. Please remove high heels before entry into the Snug room.
It is our intention to let you enjoy your quality time with your little one in a comfortable, friendly environment. If you or your baby have epilepsy ​or 
migraine tendencies, please ask for the sensory lighting to be dimmed or changed.

From birth, a​ll types of play are essential for children’s development and early learning. There are plenty of sensory toys available for you and your little one to enjoy, choose your favourites and when you've finished please put them in the box ready for sanitization. Individual play mats are cleaned after every use.

​​Sensory play is one of the first building blocks of awareness and development for your young baby.​
Our Adult entry is still FREE
Child play costs are £2.50 per child per session, payable on entry.
Pre-pay cards available and valid: £10 per 5 sessions / £15 per 10 sessions.
We kindly request that no hot drinks or food is taken into our Snug for baby safety.