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Youth Club

Volunteers are the bedrock of

We need more volunteers to work within our teams with children and young people in our youth clubs as our numbers are  continually increasing.

​​We provide training and support and will offer you a positive experience you'll never forget!​

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RUSH 2The DEN is run by volunteers for our community.

We rely on the generosity of people such as yourself to help us to promote a happy interesting safe place for the youth of Rushden and the surrounding area.

Not only do we accept toys and games for our ​​young people, but we have a swap shop for parents to help parents with grown out of clothes and equipment.

​​Some items have been donated as a possible fundraiser too

When you redecorate, before you throw away the remains of your paint, wall paper, soft furnishings etc, please  consider donating them to RUSH 2The DEN.​

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There are several ways you could help us with a DONATION...

Your Time...​​

Just Giving

Change Charity Box​​ (Dink Dink) in hall

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Online shopping (no additional cost to you)

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